Necronomicon Aesthetica: Commit or Perish

May 8, 2018 xewleer 1

From the pen of the Mad Missourian, Benjamin Wheeler, a tome of terror and nightmare beyond your reckoning! IT IS THE NECRONOMICON AESTHETICA. Bound in the twisted and flayed flesh of critics and penned with […]

Superversive Verse


May 26, 2015 Ben Zwycky 0

What does this small door open to? Where does this entrance lead? To a secret staircase, Or a mighty noble steed? Perhaps an endless field of stars, Or alien terrain; Great waves of mighty vehicles […]

Superversive Literary Movement

A Literature of Dreams by David Hallquist

December 3, 2014 sciphi 0

What good are stories, anyway? When one considers the more practical professions: the engineer, the scientist, the farmer, and the protector, their benefits to society at large are well understood and measurable. The profession of […]