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The Black Angel unearthed

May 18, 2015 sciphi 0

There was a movie called The Black Angel that ran as the pre-movie that ran before the original Empire Strikes Back and a copy of this has recently been unearthed.


So Padme didn’t die of a broken heart

April 23, 2015 sciphi 0

Here is an interesting theory about what really killed Padme and why she didn’t die of a broken heart, which was possibly the dumbest idea ever. Retro Zap has the low down on what really […]


Second Star Wars VII Trailer

April 17, 2015 sciphi 0

Ok, so i’m sure everybody has already seen this, but I just want to say, i’m in. Does anybody around Sydney Australia read this? Want to do a Superversive Star Wars VII meetup?


Things to know about Darth’s armour

April 14, 2015 sciphi 0

How much do you know about Darth Vaders amour? World of Oddballs has the low down on 6 rather disturbing facts about the amour. We have always seen the strongest Sith Lord, Darth Vader in […]