June 1, 2018 xewleer 0

Ben Wheeler’s swashbuckling debut novel has been released! Check it out, leave a review, stalk him down and give a violent, percussive critique on everything he did wrong… Whatever you need to enjoy this book! […]


A Greater Duty by Yakov Merkin

May 16, 2017 Ben Zwycky 0

While we’re on the subject of Space Operas, just yesterday a new once came out that I was the editor of. It is the debut novel of Yakov Merkin, an indie author and fellow member […]


A Book of Gold

February 5, 2016 David Hallquist 0

“Golden Age” by John C. Wright is a true book of gold. There is discontent in Paradise. When all physical needs are taken care of, when there is no poverty, no crime, no want, and […]


Star Trek is NOT Space Opera.

October 17, 2015 Josh Young 6

I’m not typically inclined to get terribly pedantic like this, but I’ve gotta say it, guys. Despite what I hear people saying constantly, Star Trek is not a space opera. I don’t like to get […]