Signal Boost: New Fantasy From Peter Grant!

New fantasy from the excellent Peter Grant!

After decades of peace, war is threatening the Kingdom of Avranche. Its old foes are stirring, in a new alliance with darker powers. Black wings bring death and torture in the night.

Owain, former King’s Champion, hears rumors of sorcery. Visiting the grave of his sword brother, he stumbles into a deadly raid, and uncovers coded orders for a larger plot.

The kingdom’s enemies know Owain is now their greatest danger. He must race against time to find and deal with them… before they deal with him!

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Signal Boost: Rocky Mountain Retribution!

Peter Grant’s Brings the Lighting just won CLFA Book of the Year! Now you can buy the sequel: Rocky Mountain Retribution! 

In the post-Civil War West, the railroads are expanding, the big money men are moving in, and the politicians they are buying make it difficult for a man to stand alone on his own. So, Walt Ames moves his wife, his home and his business from Denver to Pueblo. The railroads are bringing new opportunities to Colorado Territory, and he’s going to take full advantage of them.

Ambushed on their way south, Walt and his men uncover a web of corruption and crime to rival anything in the big city. And rough justice, Western-style, sparks a private war between Walt and some of the most dangerous killers he’s ever encountered, a deadly war in which neither friends nor family are spared.

Across the mountains and valleys of the southern Rocky Mountains, Walt and his men hunt for the ruthless man at the center of the web. Retribution won’t be long delayed… and it cannot be denied.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN RETRIBUTION is the second book in The Ames Archives, the classic Western series that began with BRINGS THE LIGHTNING. Author Peter Grant is a military veteran, a retired pastor, and the author of The Maxwell Saga and The Laredo Trilogy.


He took out his notebook once more, tore out four pages from the back, and printed carefully in block letters on each one:


He cut a small slit in each page, and eased one over a button on the shirt of the body on the ground; then, as the hanged men’s struggles slowed and ceased, he did the same to each of them. At last they hung still and silent, twisting slowly at the end of their ropes, labeled for what they were.

“What’re you gonna do with their guns, boss?” Sandy asked.
“Keep them, of course.” Walt sounded surprised that he needed to ask.