June 1, 2018 xewleer 0

Ben Wheeler’s swashbuckling debut novel has been released! Check it out, leave a review, stalk him down and give a violent, percussive critique on everything he did wrong… Whatever you need to enjoy this book! […]

Superversive Fiction

SHEIK OF MARS Preorders are up!

May 25, 2018 xewleer 1

Check it out! This is the debut novel of Ben Wheeler, The Mad Missourian, sure to be a rising star for Superversive Press and the forces of good. “Can a man save his true love […]


Mars One and the legacy of Neil Armstrong

September 27, 2015 Ray Blank 0

Maybe you are like me, and in 2013 you watched the live webcast of the press conference that launched Mars One, a private not-for-profit initiative that intends to create a human settlement on Mars. But […]


So Mars is where dragons came from!

March 3, 2015 sciphi 0

Movie Pilot has evidence that dragons came from Mars originally! Ok, in truth, it is just more of the human pattern matching ability and looking at some rocks on Mars, but I love these. Check […]


A one way trip to Mars

February 15, 2015 sciphi 0

Niume has a post up about the people volunteering for a one way trip to Mars. They are describing it as a suicide mission but unless they are destined to run out of air and […]


Dracula found on mars … or a rock

January 4, 2015 sciphi 0

io9 has an interesting story about another strange object that turned up on Mars rover photos and that look like a coffin. This is obviously proof of a Martian Dracula. I do enjoy this conspiracy […]


Alien Invasion is imminent!

January 3, 2015 sciphi 0

At least according to the Daily Mail. Dr John Brandenburg is advancing the idea that certain phenomena found on Mars are best explained by Nuclear weapons detonations and that the aliens that fought this war […]