A Year Ago, the Future of America Changed

November 8, 2016, the world was stunned when Donald J. Trump won the United States Presidential election.

The Democrats, the media, polls, and even sane people was decreeing months in advance that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election. She was a shoe-in to be the first woman President.

Donald Trump was the joke that just didn’t end. He was loud and obnoxious and the candidate no one took seriously.

Conservatives and Libertarians were preparing for the worst and liberals were pointing fingers and going “nanner nanner nanner”.

Many didn’t bother to watch the results, because Hillary was going to win. That was just how it was going to be.

Then, it happened. Swing states that had previously been blue states turned red and Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States.

The liberals came unhinged over the election and have been trying to hit the undo button for the past year.

With this sudden development, the future was looking all sorts of different.

Today, one year after the epic upset, Superversive Press releases an anthology that looks at the bright future ahead where America is made great again.


Foreward by Milo Yiannopoulos






Hacker Releases Secret NSA Documents

International black hat hacker, Drop Bear, released this transcript from the Secret NSA Files, dated circa October 2017


“Mr. President.” The young marine in dress blues handed the plainly wrapped package stamped TOP SECRET in red to the man sitting on the other side of the Resolute desk.

President trump weighed it with his hands. “Hmm. It’s gotta be a book. I know it is. It’s the size and shape of one. It’s got to be a book.” President Trump looked from the package to the man standing on the other side of his desk. “Thank you. You may go.”

The marine pivoted to leave.

“Wait. Do you smoke cigars?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “Have Madeline get you one of those cigars that Castro sent. You’ve gotta try one. They are great.”

The door closed, leaving Trump alone with the nondescript package. He set it down and stared at it for several long minutes before opening it.

“I knew it.” He picked up the folded piece of paper tucked into the front cover of the paperback.

Mr. President,

One of my agents discovered this hiding in an off shore computer in Australia. We are certain that it has to do with that incident back in the 1980s. Those two were right about a lot of things. My agents suspect that this book holds the key to the future.”

M. Rogers

“Preston and Logan. Great guys. Really great guys. Excellent guys. A bit strange, though.” Trump set the letter down and picked up the book.

He buzzed his secretary. “Hold all of my calls, please.” Then, spent the rest of the afternoon engrossed in the mysterious book he’d received.

“Mr. President, Vice President Pence is on the line.” Madeline’s voice came across the speaker.

Trump picked up the handset. “Mike, I had a vision yesterday that came in the form of book.” He held up the book, MAGA 2020 & Beyond, staring at it while he talked. “We’re going into space. You have to go out and announce it. It’s gotta be you. Madeline has me in meetings all day. It’s gotta be you. You’ll do great. You will. It’ll be great.”

Find out what the NSA and Trump know, pre-order your copy today.


Cover Reveal & News – MAGA: 2020 & Beyond

You might remember a few months ago I announced that Superversive Press would be publishing Trumptopia. The planned anthology is set to release on November 8th under a new imprint, title and cover.

When considering what to do with this anthology, it was brought to our attention that the common use of Trumptopia is not positive. According to the Urban dictionary, the term is:

“A form of government characterized by an emphasis on anti-intellectualism, misogyny, and racism. It is also void of truth, tact, morals, consistency, and acceptance. Although this type of government may appeal to a certain number of citizens, they are often void of care, thought, individualism, intelligence, respct, and truth. They are often happy and anxious to show their disdain for those who do not follow their ideals and have great disdain for women, minorities, and Democrats.”

That is NOT AT ALL what we are going for in this anthology. So, we changed the title to something closer to the vision the authors had in mind.

This new title needed a new image to go with it. Obviously, the fanciful unicorn cover was not going to work, so I set to work desiging an image that would better fit the anthology: positive, pro-American, and a bit salty.

Without further ado here is the new cover!


“Elections have consequences.” ~ President Barrack Obama, 2009

On January 23, 2009, President Obama pointed his finger at the American electorate and said that elections have consequences, as if that was news and no one had ever thought so before. This collection of short stories explores the concept of an America made great again, of the infinite possibilities of what this means in terms of society, technology, politics and space travel since the election of Donald Trump.

Some of the stories included:

Moral Rights by Monalisa Foster
Cleaning the Roll by Paul Alan Piatt
MAGA! by Arlan Andrews Sr.
Insurance for Life by Tamar Wilhite
Infected by Sandor Novak
Dolus Magnus: The Great Hoax by Monalisa Foster
The Man in the Bubble by Elaine Arias
The Pope’s Vision by L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright
Pitch Session by Chris Donahue
Winning is What We Do by Jon Del Arroz
Free Falling by Justin Robinson
A Day in the Life by Richard B. Atkinson III
Equality by Monalisa Foster
The Monsters Turned Out to be Just Trees by Scott Rinehart
An Afternoon with Grandpa by Daniel Humphreys
The New Wall by Molly Pitcher
Exile by Marina Fontaine
Auntie’s Magnificent Bricks by Christine Chase
The Many Faces of Trump by Dawn Witzke
A Brief History of Trumptopia by Declan Finn
The Last Hippie by Scott Bell
MAGA by David Harr