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MAGA 2020 & Beyond Review

November 24, 2017 Dawn Witzke 0

We have another great review by Jon Mollison up at Vox Popoli Regular readers of this blog need no long and detailed rehashing of the decades of success globalists have achieved by injecting their message […]

Superversive Press

Hacker Releases Secret NSA Documents

October 18, 2017 Dawn Witzke 0

International black hat hacker, Drop Bear, released this transcript from the Secret NSA Files, dated circa October 2017   “Mr. President.” The young marine in dress blues handed the plainly wrapped package stamped TOP SECRET […]


Electile Dysfunction by P.A. Piatt

October 11, 2017 Dawn Witzke 0

“What can I help you with today, Juan?” Doctor Venkman asked his supine patient. “Is your IBS acting up? Perhaps your ED has you down?” He smiled inwardly at his clever joke. “Something new?” Juan […]