MAGA 2020 & Beyond review by Tempest in a Teardrop

Trying to find a good Christmas present for a red-pilled, conservative teenage boy of your acquaintance? MAGA 2020 and Beyond would make a fun treat.

I should add that normally I download a sample to be sure that formatting and other structural issues don’t make it too hard to read, or that the author’s writing style appeals to me. To give credit where credit is due, this reviewconvinced me to go ahead and grab an e-book copy straight away. Right now the collection is priced at 99 cents, and your story-reading-pleasure value (including some great new authors) for cashy-money expended can’t be beat.

So,  what’s funny-colored, brash, eclectic, and surprisingly excellent value?

Our 45th President. And also Maga 2020!

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MAGA 2020 & Beyond Review

We have another great review by Jon Mollison up at Vox Popoli

Regular readers of this blog need no long and detailed rehashing of the decades of success globalists have achieved by injecting their message fiction into every nook and cranny of every medium of news and education and entertainment.  Regular readers of this blog have all too often put down books, walked out of theaters, or snapped off the television with an angry snarl of, “enough with the message fiction!” Nor do they need yet another reminder that technological advances have reduced the barrier to entry for books and comics and videos such that the left-wing stranglehold exists solely by dint of decades of inertia and capital accumulated by their forebears.  This being the Current Year Plus One, we can take that wonderful theory and expose it to the harsh light of scrutiny to see how well it works in practice. Before we grab our Deerstalker Cap and hold our magnifying glass up to Superversive Press’s latest collection, “MAGA 2020 & Beyond”, we need to get something out of the way.

This is not message fiction.


MAGA 2020 & Beyond – The Stories Part 4

Justin Robinson

While Canada suffers under the totalitarian grip of social justice, one man still holds on to the American Dream. But he’ll have to push his body and nerve to the limit in order to chase it.


Cleaning the Rolls by P. A. Piatt

Andy has a new job in the election integrity business and business is great, but what’s the backhoe for?


The New Wall by Molly Pitcher

In the future, Liberal Canada moves so far politically Left people are dying to get out. Meet tough US border patrol agent, Nor. Her mission: to protect the New Wall, a virtual shield that guards the US from Canadian refugees, most of them white, and the dangerous extremists hiding among them.


Insurance For Life by Tamara Wilhite

An innovative variation of life insurance offers new hope …


The Many Faces of Trump by Dawn Witzke

A fifth-grade field trip to the Trump Memorial Library and Golf Course challenges a boy’s opinion about the long dead president.


The Six Grandfathers by Dawn Witzke

Native American spirits return to take back the land that was stolen a century ago from the Sioux Nation.


MAGA 2020 & Beyond – The Stories Part 3

The Great Joke by Alfred Genneson

A joke turns into so much more.


The Magic of MAGA by David Harr

The Chosen One returns, but her great Antagonist knows she is coming and has arrayed all his magical forces against her. Can she find a way to stymie his plans?


An Afternoon With Grandpa by Daniel Humphreys

A quarter of a century from now, a grandfather attempts to pass his wisdom on to his granddaughter, only to learn that the world itself has passed him by.


Winning The Internet by Kaijubushi

A twitter response to a reporter’s tweet to Trump about what he’s doing to stop the hurricanes.


The Pope’s Vision by L. Jagi Lamplighter

History, and divine inspiration rhyme in Lamplighter’s flash fiction, The Pope’s Vision.


Infected by Sandor Novak

Infected follows three elderly, country-club women, early victims of an alien infection that causes honesty. Their tale presents a worldwide effort toward truthism that ushers an end to spin, deception and lies among people and nations.


45 by Brad Torgerson

When a Secret Service agent interrupts an assassin claiming to be from the future, neither one of them is ready for their assumptions to be challenged. Is 45 really the man who brings about Armageddon, or did the sore losers write the history books, blaming their own failures on the President bringing about necessary change?


MAGA 2020 & Beyond – The Stories Part 2

More stories included in MAGA 2020 & Beyond.

Winning Is What We Do by Jon Del Arroz

The Great Border Wall is under attack by unknown forces. Fortunately, President Trump has a secret weapon at his disposal: Barron.


Pitch Session Chris Donahue

A fly on the wall view of Hollywood responding to a Trump re-election.


Mad Dog Moon by Declan Finn

Everyone knows that Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is the ultimate killing machine. So when he’s dropped into the Sandbox to wipe out ISIS by himself, he’s not concerned. He has a secret up his sleeve that no one will see coming… but then again, so does ISIS.


Exile by Marina Fontaine

Bill215 was born and raised inside the walls of the Community, a perfect society where the effects of a long-ago election never took place. Three months ago, his girlfriend left for the mysterious “outside.” Does he have the courage to follow?


An “Out”-standing Chanukah by Marina Fontaine

Eddie turns to his Uncle Jay for advice on how to come out to his family before he goes off to college. Along the way, he learns about the history behind his family’s traditions.


Dolus Magnus: The Great Hoax by Monalisa Foster


An aspiring scientist has a crisis of faith over his discovery he’s been a part of the climate change hoax. The day after Trump’s re-election he has his eyes opened to a new world with opportunities he’s never considered.


Equality by Monalisa Foster

We’ve all heard the saying that “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” On the historic date of Feb. 25th, 2036, Libby’s life changes when she is thrust on the road to empowerment and self-reliance by a gun-toting “ammosexual” granny.



MAGA 2020 & Beyond – The Stories Part 1

In less than two weeks, MAGA 2020 & Beyond will be live. And it’s going to be great. Really great. You’re gonna want a copy.

Over the next few days, I’ll be putting up posts with summaries of the stories that are included. There are some that are political, some cultural, and a few that are neither, but all are great reads.

M.A.G.A.I. by Arlan Andrews Sr.

When the latest Federal Government Artificial Intelligence program takes President Trump’s command “Make America Great Again!” literally, interesting things happen.

The Man in the Bubble by Elaine Arias

A famous actor discovers that ever since Trump’s election, he will have to learn to get along with Trump supporters, or be left out in the cold.

Where is Barry? by Richard B. Atkinson III

“It’s Election Night, and things are looking up for Mike Pence. As co-workers gather to watch the returns, everyone is ready to celebrate more good times ahead. Everyone, that is, except for Barry…

The Last Hippie by Scott Bell

After a hundred-year separation, both coasts of the United States are being reincorporated into the Union. The social experiment of liberal self-government has failed. US troops have been dispatched to detain and relocate the few remaining citizens to a small island of their own, where they will be fed, sheltered, and kept safe. One guy doesn’t want to go, and he has his finger on a damn big button.

Aunties Magnificent Bricks by Christine Chase

Jada is forced by her mother to accompany her Aunt Hilde to the 50th Anniversary of the Restoration, missing her last chance to spend a vacation with school friends, but Jada learns that there is much more to her Aunt Hilde, and to history, than she’d ever imagined.



Hacker Releases Secret NSA Documents

International black hat hacker, Drop Bear, released this transcript from the Secret NSA Files, dated circa October 2017


“Mr. President.” The young marine in dress blues handed the plainly wrapped package stamped TOP SECRET in red to the man sitting on the other side of the Resolute desk.

President trump weighed it with his hands. “Hmm. It’s gotta be a book. I know it is. It’s the size and shape of one. It’s got to be a book.” President Trump looked from the package to the man standing on the other side of his desk. “Thank you. You may go.”

The marine pivoted to leave.

“Wait. Do you smoke cigars?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “Have Madeline get you one of those cigars that Castro sent. You’ve gotta try one. They are great.”

The door closed, leaving Trump alone with the nondescript package. He set it down and stared at it for several long minutes before opening it.

“I knew it.” He picked up the folded piece of paper tucked into the front cover of the paperback.

Mr. President,

One of my agents discovered this hiding in an off shore computer in Australia. We are certain that it has to do with that incident back in the 1980s. Those two were right about a lot of things. My agents suspect that this book holds the key to the future.”

M. Rogers

“Preston and Logan. Great guys. Really great guys. Excellent guys. A bit strange, though.” Trump set the letter down and picked up the book.

He buzzed his secretary. “Hold all of my calls, please.” Then, spent the rest of the afternoon engrossed in the mysterious book he’d received.

“Mr. President, Vice President Pence is on the line.” Madeline’s voice came across the speaker.

Trump picked up the handset. “Mike, I had a vision yesterday that came in the form of book.” He held up the book, MAGA 2020 & Beyond, staring at it while he talked. “We’re going into space. You have to go out and announce it. It’s gotta be you. Madeline has me in meetings all day. It’s gotta be you. You’ll do great. You will. It’ll be great.”

Find out what the NSA and Trump know, pre-order your copy today.