Superversive Verse

Fourteen Years a Hero

September 9, 2015 Ben Zwycky 0

It is my wedding anniversary today, and this is this year’s poem (my wife actually forgot it was our anniversary until I told her the poem was ready last night, so there are some bonus […]

Superversive Verse

When Seventy Has Called Upon

May 18, 2015 Ben Zwycky 0

Over the weekend I was in England at my parents’ house. On Friday we flew in to surprise my mum for her 70th birthday, with further surprises including a massive party the next day in […]

Superversive Verse


May 5, 2015 Ben Zwycky 0

What chances will a young man take when love seems on the line? Write to a complete stranger, take on a risky climb, Share all his deepest secrets with a girl he’s got to know, […]