Irene Gallo, #Sadpuppies, #Gamergate and Tor

I suppose everybody has seen that charming characterization of Sad Puppies by one of Tor’s creative directors, Irene Gallo.


What I find particularly insulting is that I have been following #Gamergate for quite a while, since at least Internet Aristocrats original Quinnspiracy videos, and I am extremely right wing (Nazi’s and Neo-Nazi’s aren’t though, fascists really were/are kissing cousins of socialists), and I can tell you for a fact that the talking heads of #Gamergate like Sargon of Akkad are thorough going leftwing moderates, they just aren’t frothing at the mouth SJW’s (I guess that makes them “far-right” in SJW land). I’m insulted as an arch conservative and reactionary to be regarded as basically the same as such thorough going hippies. Hmpf.

On a serious note though, I wonder what Tor or their owner Panmacmillian will do about this? There was talk of people boycotting Tor and others saying they will never buy another one of Tor’s books while Gallo works there are so on. Others suggested that what she said was libelous, although I have it on good authority that, at least under US libel law, it isn’t. She didn’t name anyone specifically so no one would have standing.

That being said, Tor books does a large sideline in Game and Movie tie in novels and more than a few of the Sad Puppies authors are published by Tor. If you worked at Tor or Panmacmillian and you had an employee that answered to you making public statements that calls your customers and your authors the current spectrum of unsavory names, what would you do? The book Gallo mentioned in her post that started this might be something she wants to trumpet but does anybody expect it to sell half as well as movie and game tie in novels that Tor likes to publish?

I was recently reminded of the Eich incident of a few years ago recently when Brendan Eich resigned from Mozilla after someone discovered he gave a donation to support the Prop 8 Yes vote, and this upset some of the thugs in the LGBT community that started calling for his head. There was a backlash against this failure by the Mozilla Foundation to stand up to such bullying of their employees and a lot of people decided to stop using Firefox as a browser at that point. Recently Firefox has been wailing and gnashing its teeth about dropping browser share. There are lots of reasons for this, but choosing the side of the SJW hasn’t helped them any.

Sargon of Akkad also had a rather interesting video on the question of how valuable it is to pander to SJW’s(4 min) (TL;DW, it is worthless).

So I will be interested to see what Tor and Panmacmillian do about all this. Do they want to take the side of their employee, who is quite happy to call Tor’s paying customers and published authors a host of vile names in a public forum, or do they want to take the side of the people who put money in their coffers? Will the calls for boycott make much of a difference? Maybe, maybe not. I expect, like with Firefox’s decline, the effects will take a while to show up and much of this might have blown over by then. That being said, knowing that Irene Gallo, a big wig at Tor, feels like this, next time you are browsing for a book and have to choose between two titles, one from Tor and one from somewhere else, assuming you feel about the same level of desire to read each, where will you spend your money?

I have had this issue already after watching the way John Scalzi has been carrying on for a number of years. I enjoyed a number of his books, in spite of the hate it has got from many, I really enjoyed Red Shirts, it was a fun read and I also really enjoyed Agent to the Stars as well. That beings said, I haven’t picked up Lock In and don’t plan too either. Now, I am not boycotting Scalzi and trying to make him suffer for disagreeing with me. I don’t really care, he can hold whatever opinions he likes, but at the same time, my time and money are finite and if I am going to spend them on books to read, given approximately equal quality, i’d much rather give the money to someone who hasn’t made public statements about how much they hate “my kind”.

I guess I will add the whole of Tor to that list at this point as i’d rather not do business with people who despise me where I have a choice.

Kicking Puppies While They Are Down

Sad Puppies

This weekend, a lot of fans have acted in a disappointing, mob-mentality manner. Fans, I’m sorry to say, on both sides.

A lot of good authors received Hugo award nominations on Saturday…after hard work and the support of many fans.

But two people crying “The sky is falling! Gamergate is coming!” ruined it for a great many people.

The idea came into people’s heads that the Hugos had been hijacked and the nominations were illegitimate—people who did not bother looking into how the Sad Puppies campaign was run. (There was even a libelous—quickly retracted—Entertainment Weekly article based on some of this false information. EW had to issue a lengthy apology.)

Folks, it is true that more fans chose this year’s winners than any other year. But the difference between this year and last year was: 199.

Yep. 199 more fans signed up.

Not really an attack by the galloping hordes.

For this…199 new votes this year…people are calling to vote No Award, rather than read the works and pick the one you find the best.

What is this, folks? Elementary school?

So why did people say that Gamergate swung the vote?

Because one—note the word ONE—longtime fan is a Gamergate guy, too, and wrote a tweet calling on friends to support his favorite authors.

This gentleman, who goes by the name of Daddy Warpig, left this in the comments a post about the EW article:

Daddy Warpig commented on Entertainment Weekly guilty of libel?

BRAD: A letter I sent to the editors of Entertainment Weekly. To whom it may concern, I am writing to point out some …

As the shining, guilt-proving link between #GamerGate and Sad Puppies (according to Patrick Nielsen Hayden and followers):

1 – I only nominated works I read.

2 – I didn’t nominate Sad Puppies works I had read, because I didn’t believe they deserved it.

3 – I nominated other works I felt deserved it, which didn’t make it.

I’m glad I participated, and I’m looking forward to participating next year.

Also, I’m a nobody, who had nothing to do with Sad Puppies except sending out some tweets and joining Sasquan. PNH used my tweets to defame everyone in Sad Puppies. That’s despicable.

The people of Sad Puppies won a victory. #GamerGate had little or nothing to do with it.

Congrats, and good luck beating No Award!

For this, you kicked your friends when they were vulnerable?

And the Puppy fans, alas, were hardly better. For every Hugo nomination receiver I know who was attacked, I know an innocent Liberal fan who was ravaged by Puppy supporters.

Yesterday was a sad day for fluffy baby animals of all varieties.


Games, A hill to die on

Reaxxion has an interesting article up called Why Male Gamers Must Defend Their Territory. It is an interesting article, I think he is right. It is good that the pushback against the march of the SJW’s has started. Everytime they have pushed in the past the opposition has squawked but yeilded and with #Gamergate we see one of the first times that the SJW menace has encountered unyielding steel. Perhaps others will see, now that the SJW’s advance and hegemony is not assured, that they can be successfully resisted.

Until recently, I had never read any of the original “gamers are dead” articles, assuming they would contain nothing but the standard leftist drivel to which we’ve become accustomed. The only likely outcome of reading them would be an increase in my blood pressure. Then, while watching a video about GamerGate, I clicked on a link to an archive of one of the original articles, “A Guide To Ending Gamers” by Devin Wilson at Gamasutra.

Full disclosure: I am far from a hardcore gamer. I play Magic The Gathering and Minecraft, and am a recovering WoW addict. As a kid, I played Wolfenstein, Doom, and Mario Brothers. In college it was Duke Nukem and Unreal Tournament. I’m a casual gamer who occasionally goes nuts with a particular game, but I don’t spend a lot of time thinking or reading about games. So I hadn’t even heard of Kotaku or Gamasutra before August 2014.

I happened to be on Reddit on the day of the original Quinn event and saw the threads full of deleted comments. As I learned more about what was happening, I began to nurture the hope that what I’d been waiting for was finally happening: the men of my generation were waking up. My interest in and support of GamerGate comes primarily from two sources:

  • My absolute disdain for all things Politically Correct
  • My rejection of the gradual, deliberate process of feminization Western society has been undergoing since the second half of the 20th century.

I want to protect gaming because of what it represents as because of the entertainment value I get out of it.

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A response to Anita Sarkeesian and her demands about games


Reaxxion has an interesting article up titled A Response To Anita Sarkeesian’s Demands Upon The Gaming Industry. As a staunch supporter of #GamerGate myself I heartily agree with all the observations. This is certainly the most polite set of responses I have seen so far.

Earlier this week, noted feminist and gaming opponent Anita Sarkeesian, of the 300 million dollar Intel money, published a list of “Eight Things Developers Can Do To Make Games Less Shitty For Women.” (As an aside, what is it with feminists and swearing? Is it some attempt to fight against stereotypes of being “ladylike”?) While feminist whining about video games is nothing new, this is, to my knowledge, their first attempt at a list of demands for the game industry. Thus even though these are arguments we’ve all seen before, it’s worth going through them and responding to each in turn, and giving them the due consideration that these ideas and their proponents deserve. I’ve bolded each demand below, along with my response.
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Andrew Klavan discusses #GamerGate

Andrew Klavan of Truth Revolt has done a review of #GamerGate, which is an attempt to stop the advance of the PinkShirts and the SJW’s into the games industry. It was originally about journalistic corruption but as #GamerGate has continued the corruption has been discovered to run extremely deep. Enjoy Klavan’s irreverent take on what has been happening. I continue to enjoy Klavan’s Truth Revolt videos.