Yahtzee’s Almost Perfect Article

June 28, 2015 Anthony M 0

Famous (and funny) video game reviewer Yahtzee, or Ben Croshaw for those with an aversion to pen names, wrote an excellent article on censorship in gaming that’s almost perfect. It’s titled “On Being Offensive”. Its […]


Irene Gallo, #Sadpuppies, #Gamergate and Tor

June 7, 2015 sciphi 2

I suppose everybody has seen that charming characterization of Sad Puppies by one of Tor’s creative directors, Irene Gallo. What I find particularly insulting is that I have been following #Gamergate for quite a while, […]

Superversive Literary Movement

Games, A hill to die on

March 16, 2015 sciphi 0

Reaxxion has an interesting article up called Why Male Gamers Must Defend Their Territory. It is an interesting article, I think he is right. It is good that the pushback against the march of the […]


Andrew Klavan discusses #GamerGate

December 4, 2014 sciphi 0

Andrew Klavan of Truth Revolt has done a review of #GamerGate, which is an attempt to stop the advance of the PinkShirts and the SJW’s into the games industry. It was originally about journalistic corruption […]