Caption This! week #6

Hey all!

I got a fun one this week! Star Wars fans raise your hands! Which….. is probably everyone here. Is there any nerd or geek that isn’t a fan of some aspect of Star Wars? If there is, I want to meet them.

Anyway, here’s your picture!


And the winner of last weeks caption is: 

Space Alert!

Team Hypercube has a look at a wonderful cooperative board game called , that sees you playing as the crew of an explorer vessel travelling through space.

The game plays in real time and uses a CD (or iphone/android app) to control the pace. You have decks of cards that represent threats and a game board that represents the ship you are on and the crew and systems. The goal is to survive while the ship runs scans of the system before it jumps away. It is chaotic fun.

Have you seen SpaceTeam?

Space Team is a fun team smart phone/tablet game for geeks. I thought i’d mention it as it is a lot of fun. The idea behind the game is that you are the crew of a ship (2 – 8 of you) and you need to operate different controls as you are given instructions. The trick is that the instruction appears on one persons console but the control is on another persons console. Each level is a race against time to avoid impending doom and as you make mistakes your controls explode and ooze go and smoke. The upshot is that the game consists of a huddle of people all furiously shouting technobabble at each other. It is really fun and if you have geek friends and smart phones (and who doesn’t) then you should try this you will probably love it.

Cosmic Patrol

Have you seen the RPG Cosmic Patrol, you play the roll of members of the eponymous Cosmic Patrol that take to the stars to protect earth from threats and explore the universe. A role playing game that aims to capture all of the feel of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

The great part about Cosmic Patrol is that you don’t need a dedicated games master but each player takes a turn being the lead narrator and the game is aimed at being fast to play and easy to learn. Another nice touch is the short golden age style space patrol stories that are included in the rules.

Give it a go and if you like role playing and the game sounds like fun let me know and perhaps we can organize a round the world game via Skype! You can get the game in paper format from Amazon and in watermarked PDF from DriveThruRPG.