The Whippersnappers Talk About School Reading Lists

This Sunday, the Whippersnappers will be discussing the relationships between schools and the arts, with the main focus on school reading lists. Do they hinder or help a child’s reading? What kinds of books are children being made to read today? What books should kids be reading?

We’ll have many different perspectives on this subject, including those of Orville and Juss Wright, who are still in high themselves! We have much to talk about, so come listen along and join the discussion!

Sunday, 3pm EST! Be there!


Can art be mad?

Dr. Leonard Peikoff has an interesting lecture where he compares the most abstract of modern art and schizophrenia:


What do you think?

The universe is big

I’ve seen these sort of videos before and I think I am supposed to get to the end of them and go “wow! We are do tiny and the universe is so vast!” but I never do. I mean sure the universe is big, and that is actually really awesome (Literally Awe inspiring) but it isn’t actually a new discovery. The exact size of it is to some degree but that the earth was tiny in relation to the rest of the universe wasn’t new even to the ancient Pagan astronomer Ptolemy. He said in Book 2 of the Almagest

And so, in general, we have to state that the heavens are spherical and move spherically; that the earth, in figure, is sensibly spherical also when taken as a whole; in position, lies right in the middle of the heavens, like a geometrical center; in magnitude and distance, has the ratio of a point with respect to the sphere of the fixed stars, having itself no local motion at all

He was wrong about it being the center, he understood the magnitude was effectively zero compared to the whole universe.

Moss Art


I saw this interesting idea via StumbleUpon, where you make a picture from moss on a wall as a two colour mural. I wonder if my wife would be interested in doing this? She is the artist.

There is a whole Wikihow article on how to do it.

The only things i’m wondering is, how hard is it to get off if you decide you don’t like it anymore?

Robert Gonsalves’ painting break your brain

Bored Panda have some spectacular artwork from Robert Gonsalves that will break your brain. Each painting tells multiple stories and seems like a bit of extension of the idea in the older M.C Escher paintings that are optical illusions.








Check them all out

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