Signal Boost: New Terran Republic Kickstarter

New Kickstarter for a Lost Signals of the Terran Republic anthology. If you aren’t reading the works of Chuck Gannon, you should be! This might be a great place to start.

Those of you who are already readers of the Caine Riordan universe pretty much know what to expect from these stories: gritty yet doggedly optimistic hard sf in a world that is a believable and embattled successor to our own. But for those who are not familiar with the series’ hallmark blend of exploration, alien encounters, intrigue, and action, then . . .

Welcome to the 22nd century where humanity has just reached out to the stars and now finds itself challenged by contact by five (or is that four?) very different (yet very realistic) alien species whose motivations are as unusual and arresting as their physical forms. Of course, planet Earth still has plenty of problems, injustice, and inequities of its own to deal with.

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OUT NOW – Tales of the Once and Future King

It is said that King Arthur will return in Britain’s hour of greatest need.

That time is coming.

Four travelers, searching for the Pendragon, are quickly embroiled in a plot to rescue the beloved of a banished forest lord. And while they concoct their desperate plan a Bard, the new Taliesin, regales them with stories: Tales of Knights, yes, but also tales of robots and vampires, music and monsters, airships and armies – tales to inspire heroism and hope. And when all seems lost, perhaps these tales will be their salvation.

This book is an anthology.
This book is a novel.
This book is a romance
This book is science fiction
This book is a fantasy

This is “Tales of the Once and Future King”



Cover Reveal & News – MAGA: 2020 & Beyond

You might remember a few months ago I announced that Superversive Press would be publishing Trumptopia. The planned anthology is set to release on November 8th under a new imprint, title and cover.

When considering what to do with this anthology, it was brought to our attention that the common use of Trumptopia is not positive. According to the Urban dictionary, the term is:

“A form of government characterized by an emphasis on anti-intellectualism, misogyny, and racism. It is also void of truth, tact, morals, consistency, and acceptance. Although this type of government may appeal to a certain number of citizens, they are often void of care, thought, individualism, intelligence, respct, and truth. They are often happy and anxious to show their disdain for those who do not follow their ideals and have great disdain for women, minorities, and Democrats.”

That is NOT AT ALL what we are going for in this anthology. So, we changed the title to something closer to the vision the authors had in mind.

This new title needed a new image to go with it. Obviously, the fanciful unicorn cover was not going to work, so I set to work desiging an image that would better fit the anthology: positive, pro-American, and a bit salty.

Without further ado here is the new cover!


“Elections have consequences.” ~ President Barrack Obama, 2009

On January 23, 2009, President Obama pointed his finger at the American electorate and said that elections have consequences, as if that was news and no one had ever thought so before. This collection of short stories explores the concept of an America made great again, of the infinite possibilities of what this means in terms of society, technology, politics and space travel since the election of Donald Trump.

Some of the stories included:

Moral Rights by Monalisa Foster
Cleaning the Roll by Paul Alan Piatt
MAGA! by Arlan Andrews Sr.
Insurance for Life by Tamar Wilhite
Infected by Sandor Novak
Dolus Magnus: The Great Hoax by Monalisa Foster
The Man in the Bubble by Elaine Arias
The Pope’s Vision by L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright
Pitch Session by Chris Donahue
Winning is What We Do by Jon Del Arroz
Free Falling by Justin Robinson
A Day in the Life by Richard B. Atkinson III
Equality by Monalisa Foster
The Monsters Turned Out to be Just Trees by Scott Rinehart
An Afternoon with Grandpa by Daniel Humphreys
The New Wall by Molly Pitcher
Exile by Marina Fontaine
Auntie’s Magnificent Bricks by Christine Chase
The Many Faces of Trump by Dawn Witzke
A Brief History of Trumptopia by Declan Finn
The Last Hippie by Scott Bell
MAGA by David Harr