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  • Book Funnel runs free promotions where authors give away books or sample chapters. Three of them are running at the moment. (Each one includes the opportunity to download The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin, should [...]
  • The Mad Missourian, Ben Wheeler returns! A tome of terror and nightmare beyond your reckoning! IT IS THE NECRONOMICON AESTHETICA . Bound in the twisted and flayed flesh of critics and penned with the blood-tear [...]
  • Sorry for the no livestream this Sunday. Starting around 10:30pm Central, I’m going to do a red-eye Superversive livestream for Halloween Night. Hope you enjoy the chills!
  • Doesn’t this have a great title! All Steven wanted was a lab job to get experience. His boss acted like a mad scientist, but that wasn’t the problem. No, the problem started with disappearances around [...]
  •   INTERVIEW: ELAINE ASH – EDITOR OF TODD HENDERSON’S MENTAL STATE Posted by Phantom at Men of the West| Oct 30, 2018 | Culture, Interview, Literature, Politics | 0  |      Today, I’m interviewing Elaine Ash; she’s the editor of the book Mental State by University of Chicago Law [...]
  • Two new audio books from author Jonathan Moeller: THE DARK WARDEN now in audiobook! FROSTBORN: THE DARK WARDEN is now available in audiobook at Audible, iTunes, Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon AU, as narrated by Brad Wills. Listen to [...]

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  • Check your email notifications! The hottest short story collection of the year is here with an introduction by Daddy Warpig! It’ll probably be out on amazon in a week or two. For now, if you [...]
  • White Wolf, publishers of Vampire: The Masquerade–a tabletop role-playing game that gained massive popularity in the 90s–has succumbed to an SJW outrage mob. Sales and printing of the V5 Camarilla and Anarch books will be [...]
  • It was interesting to see how comicsgate came and went, and how fast it went from something that was growing with momentum and then how fast it just went into contract mode. It was a [...]
  • Whoops!

    November 16, 2018 0
    I actually FORGOT to blog this morning. I’ve been getting packages out for my Flying sparks campaign. I got about 50% of the domestic trade paperbacks out yesterday and have got all the shipping ready [...]
  • Ann Coulter offers some salutary advice, complete with direct historical precedent, to GOP leaders struggling to deal with Florida elections plagued by rampant voting irregularities. Republicans control the state legislature and governor’s office in Florida. [...]
  • Galaxy’s Edge Level

    November 14, 2018 0
    Early reviews are pouring in for my upcoming mecha/Mil-SF series Combat Frame XSeed. …it is fantastic. Just excellent We aim to please! Only 18% of the way through Combat Frame Xseed, and I’m already disappointed [...]

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