Galaxy’s Edge: Legionnaire Review

February 16, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

Sotmrtroopers in Afghanistan. #StarWarsNotStarWars. The guilty pleasure book you’d stay up reading if you didn’t have plans on Saturday night. Galaxy’s Edge co-authors Jason Anspach and Nick Cole have come up with a vivid litany of […]


Enchanted Parody and Frozen Subversion

February 15, 2018 Anthony M 0

This article is a guest post by Mariel Marchetta, co-author and editor of “God, Robot” and “Tales of the Once and Future King”. Parody and subversion often overlap with each other. However, a parody does […]


B&N’s Bloody Monday

February 15, 2018 Brian Niemeier 0

Barnes and Noble, biggest of the few remaining big book stores, is on its last legs if these independent sources cited by The Digital Reader are correct. Yesterday Barnes & Noble shook the business world […]