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  • So yeah, I’m a foodie, after a fashion. Whenever we move to a new town/area we usually scope out the restaurants and compare to what we left behind. It’s not like we go out to [...]
  • A major contributing factor to the rise of the new right is the total regulatory capture of purported conservative watchdogs by the Leftist media. The great sellout started with William F. Buckley, whose main job [...]
  •   For a long time I’ve wanted to set up an online store where people can order books directly from me–autographed, of course (except for the ebooks, because I haven’t figured out how to do [...]
  • “So,” said President Maximum Leaderking. “You come highly…” he paused to look at the notes in front of him. “Recommended.” You’ve been on your own for seven years now. Seven years since the Derpvirus swept [...]
  • When it rains it pours. I was invited to One America News tonight to be on Liz Wheeler’s program, Tipping Point. Make sure to tune in if your cable provider carriers the network, if not, [...]

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