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Social Justice, the RPG

February 22, 2015 Josh Young 0

  If there’s one thing I have to say about Dorkly, they’re usually funny without being mean spirited (*coughADHDcough*), and their take on social justice in the JRPG world is no exception:


Large Cats killed by Dog Disease

February 21, 2015 EJSHUMAK 0

Large felid carnivores   Big Cats — IE Lions, Tigers, Pumas, (Genus Felis & Pantera) are dying from Canine distemper worldwide. A brain trust meeting in “Da Bronx” found vaccination may be the only viable […]


Through the Lens

February 21, 2015 David Hallquist 0

Different views and concepts of reality. This has always been a beloved subject for me and why I love sci-fi and philosophy. How does an alien or robot think? What happens to our perceptions when […]


Ocean Energy Wave Project — Perth

February 21, 2015 EJSHUMAK 0

Not much to add here — for once it seems the Gov media has most of the info.  This could well be the beginning of our energy needs being fulfilled.  The ocean is about 70% […]


Philosophy Demotivators

February 21, 2015 sciphi 0

Flavourwire had a wonderful collection of depressing philosopher demotivators. See them all. The Camus one is my favorite.


SFWA Nebula Nominations & Weekend

February 20, 2015 EJSHUMAK 0

2014 Nebula Awards Nominees Announced February 20, 2015: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America are pleased to announce the nominees for the 2014 Nebula Awards (presented 2015), nominees for the Ray Bradbury Award […]


Trolling a bookstore

February 20, 2015 sciphi 0

BuzzFeed has a fun post up about some epic trolling of a bookstore as some of the section lablels have been replaced.


Message in a found in a bottle…

February 20, 2015 peterseanesq 0

…from the “real world.” Pajama Media provides a list of the “10 underrated science fiction movies.” Looking at this collection of ’50s and ’60s schlock, it would probably be hard not to underrate them. Still […]


The Corruption of Charity

February 20, 2015 Ben Zwycky 0

This article on the secular version of the theological virtue of charity strongly reminded me of the end of Tom Simon’s awesome essay The Making of the Fellowship: Concepts of the Good in The Lord […]