Join The Chorus: The Blog as a Serial Fiction Outlet

Benjamim Cheah has a good serial story–“Night Demons”–going on at PulpRev this week. You can read it starting here, and it’s a good follow-up to Rawle Nyanzi’s “Enemy at Blood River” (which starts here). Both men have made good use of the blog medium as an outlet for serialized fiction.

If you want to join the chorus, now is the time and using a blog to serialize your stories is a great way to get started. The risk is low, the cost is nil, and you can home your craft by learning and practicing the skills that made the masters great until you are ready to start pushing for people to pay you for your work.

It doesn’t stop there. You can continue to use serialized fiction on your blog to attract and retain your audience, using the stories to advertise for upcoming books while getting readers interested in your growing backlist as your career in writing progresses. Be it just a feature on your otherwise not-specifically-fiction blog, or one you launch for that purpose specifically, it does work. Just look at John C. Wright’s blog if you want a great example in practice.

Be it as a hobby or as a professional development tool, fiction or not, consider using a blog for a writing outlet. I would not have gotten into the PulpRev Sampler if I didn’t blog daily, nor be posting here or at PulpRev (or guest-posting elsewhere, such as Castalia House), so it has benefits that should not be dismissed.

Join the chorus. There’s always room for another voice.

My Personal Superversive Philosophy

Actually I am a Christian, and indeed a Roman Catholic, so that I do not expect ‘history’ to be anything but a ‘long defeat’— though it contains (and in legend may contain more clearly and movingly) some samples or glimpses of final victory.

– J.R.R. Tolkien, Letters 255

MAGA 2020 & Beyond News & Reviews

PJ Media wrote up a nice article about MAGA 2020 & Beyond today. Emphasis is mine.

Have you ever wondered what events await you in a post-2016 election world? Have you imagined what making America great again will actually look like? A group of conservative and libertarian fiction writers has done it for you. MAGA 2020 & Beyond is an anthology published by Superversive Press that includes a collection of short stories and essays by a wide variety of thinkers sure to delight any reader not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). From Barron Trump’s escapades in a military “Trump Mech” suit to stopping zombie invaders at the completed border wall to a dystopic future in Canada where reparations are taken from your account by street police if you offend a minority, MAGA 2020 & Beyond is what winning looks like in book form. Read more

We’ve also gotten several nice reviews on Amazon.

This was a varied, entertaining, and thought provoking collection. The highly readable stories convey an upbeat, can-do message- namely, to Make America Great Again (MAGA). I especially appreciated the humor in several of the pieces. Overall, the stories were quite insightful… ~ Amazon Reviewer

Not all of the items in this collection are comedic or even tongue in cheek celebrations of making America great again. This collection includes a few thoughtful pieces as well, but every single one is salve to the souls of those who treasure their red hats and tire of the gloomy Gus writings of the mainstream media. ~ Amazon Reviewer

Finally, a fun collection of speculative fiction short stories and thought-provoking essays for people who want to Make America Great Again. ~ Amazon Reviewer


MAGA 2020 & Beyond – The Stories Part 2

More stories included in MAGA 2020 & Beyond.

Winning Is What We Do by Jon Del Arroz

The Great Border Wall is under attack by unknown forces. Fortunately, President Trump has a secret weapon at his disposal: Barron.


Pitch Session Chris Donahue

A fly on the wall view of Hollywood responding to a Trump re-election.


Mad Dog Moon by Declan Finn

Everyone knows that Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is the ultimate killing machine. So when he’s dropped into the Sandbox to wipe out ISIS by himself, he’s not concerned. He has a secret up his sleeve that no one will see coming… but then again, so does ISIS.


Exile by Marina Fontaine

Bill215 was born and raised inside the walls of the Community, a perfect society where the effects of a long-ago election never took place. Three months ago, his girlfriend left for the mysterious “outside.” Does he have the courage to follow?


An “Out”-standing Chanukah by Marina Fontaine

Eddie turns to his Uncle Jay for advice on how to come out to his family before he goes off to college. Along the way, he learns about the history behind his family’s traditions.


Dolus Magnus: The Great Hoax by Monalisa Foster


An aspiring scientist has a crisis of faith over his discovery he’s been a part of the climate change hoax. The day after Trump’s re-election he has his eyes opened to a new world with opportunities he’s never considered.


Equality by Monalisa Foster

We’ve all heard the saying that “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” On the historic date of Feb. 25th, 2036, Libby’s life changes when she is thrust on the road to empowerment and self-reliance by a gun-toting “ammosexual” granny.



MAGA 2020 & Beyond – The Stories Part 1

In less than two weeks, MAGA 2020 & Beyond will be live. And it’s going to be great. Really great. You’re gonna want a copy.

Over the next few days, I’ll be putting up posts with summaries of the stories that are included. There are some that are political, some cultural, and a few that are neither, but all are great reads.

M.A.G.A.I. by Arlan Andrews Sr.

When the latest Federal Government Artificial Intelligence program takes President Trump’s command “Make America Great Again!” literally, interesting things happen.

The Man in the Bubble by Elaine Arias

A famous actor discovers that ever since Trump’s election, he will have to learn to get along with Trump supporters, or be left out in the cold.

Where is Barry? by Richard B. Atkinson III

“It’s Election Night, and things are looking up for Mike Pence. As co-workers gather to watch the returns, everyone is ready to celebrate more good times ahead. Everyone, that is, except for Barry…

The Last Hippie by Scott Bell

After a hundred-year separation, both coasts of the United States are being reincorporated into the Union. The social experiment of liberal self-government has failed. US troops have been dispatched to detain and relocate the few remaining citizens to a small island of their own, where they will be fed, sheltered, and kept safe. One guy doesn’t want to go, and he has his finger on a damn big button.

Aunties Magnificent Bricks by Christine Chase

Jada is forced by her mother to accompany her Aunt Hilde to the 50th Anniversary of the Restoration, missing her last chance to spend a vacation with school friends, but Jada learns that there is much more to her Aunt Hilde, and to history, than she’d ever imagined.