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Enjoy Valentine’s Day, Planetary Style

February 14, 2018 Ben Zwycky 0

Today is Valentine’s Day, and the official launch date for the second of Superversive Press’ Planetary Anthologies, this time it’s Venus—twenty captivating stories of love, romance, the planet and the goddess (in various guises). It’s […]


Open Submission: The Moon Anthology

February 5, 2018 Declan Finn 2

It’s that time. Welcome to the latest call for submissions from Superversive’s Planetary Anthology: The Moon. Or Luna, depending on which works better. Insert obligatory “That’s no moon! That’s a space station!” joke here. The […]

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Saturn Anthology Update

January 30, 2018 Anthony M 0

To all who sent in stories: Expect a response by the end of this week on whether or not you are accepted or rejected. If you asked if you could send in a late story […]

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The Planetary Series has launched!

January 20, 2018 sciphi 0

Superverisve Press’s Planetary series has launched with the publishing of the first volume, Mercury. You can grab it now! Innermost of worlds, blasted by the sun by day and frozen by night, Mercury remains an […]

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The Planetary Anthologies of Superversive Press

January 17, 2018 A. M. Freeman 2

Throughout history, the planets of our solar system have meant many things to many people; The Planetary Anthologies explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their mythological, and even astronomical significance.   […]


Forbidden Thoughts and Superversive Love

January 2, 2018 A. M. Freeman 4

A year ago, Forbidden Thoughts was released, and swiftly rose to #1 Science Fiction Anthology and #260 Paid in Kindle Store. Its blend of fresh talent breaking into the field and established professionals pleased readers, who […]