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SHEIK OF MARS Preorders are up!

May 25, 2018 xewleer 0

Check it out! This is the debut novel of Ben Wheeler, The Mad Missourian, sure to be a rising star for Superversive Press and the forces of good. “Can a man save his true love […]


Necronomicon Aesthetica: Commit or Perish

May 8, 2018 xewleer 1

From the pen of the Mad Missourian, Benjamin Wheeler, a tome of terror and nightmare beyond your reckoning! IT IS THE NECRONOMICON AESTHETICA. Bound in the twisted and flayed flesh of critics and penned with […]


A Light In The Darkness Newsletter

March 31, 2018 L. Jagi Lamplight Wright 0

Please consider subscribing to our new Superversive Christian Fantasy and SF newsletter! Subscribers will receive news of sales and new releases, FREE giveaways–including e-booklets and wallpaper graphics, sneak peeks, and much, much more. To subscribe: […]

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That Insular Community

March 13, 2018 Anthony M 0

Apparently Groffingate is a thing now. Well, I don’t really care about that, nor do I suspect this is near big enough to be any sort of “gate” – no friendships are being lost due […]

Superversive Literary Movement

Fathers of Many Children

February 6, 2018 L. Jagi Lamplight Wright 0

post by Superversive Press author, Thomas Davidsmeier “Yes, they’re all mine.” I’m often forced to give that answer when I’ve got my eight children with me out on an excursion. But, I don’t compare to […]

Superversive Literary Movement

Why Realism Isn’t

January 12, 2018 L. Jagi Lamplight Wright 0

Reprinting an oft-reposted early Superversive Blog article. Today’s Superversive post from Welcome to Arhyalon by L. Jagi Lamplighter Moments of Grace or  Why “Realism” Isn’t I have never liked dark, gritty, ‘realistic’ stories—the kind that are […]