Brian Niemeier talks about Combat Frame XSeed

September 23, 2018 xewleer 0

Brian Niemeier joins Ben Wheeler as he talks about his indiegogo campaign for Combat Frame XSeed. Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/co… Nethereal: https://www.amazon.com/Nethereal-Soul… Sheik of Mars: http://bit.ly/SheikOfMars

Superversive Inklings

The Ship has Sailed

August 24, 2018 A. M. Freeman 0

Article by J. Conrad Matthews Last week, I was looking at some artwork for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I am playing in. The game had a new Dungeon Master, (not me!) and I was […]

Superversive Inklings


August 16, 2018 A. M. Freeman 0

This article by Tom Simon is a sequel to Ozamataz and first appeared on Bondwine. So far, I have described my thoughts about ozamataz up to the point where I asked whether one could attract that kind of self-sustaining […]

Superversive Inklings


August 9, 2018 A. M. Freeman 0

article by essayist extraordinaire, Tom Simon     I have spent the last week or so (when not sleeping off my medications) in a fairly continuous process of brainstorming, chewing over several new-to-me ideas and […]

Superversive Inklings

Albion Awakening Shares A Post With Us

July 25, 2018 A. M. Freeman 0

An article by the wonderfully-named William Wildblood. The blog referred to in this article is Albion Awakening Mere Christians If there were patrons of this blog, in the sense of guiding lights, they might well […]