Babylon: Law And Empire

March 22, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

In the past ten days, I’ve increased my following on Twitter by a factor of eight, thanks mostly to a couple of awesome fellow writers who have made it their mission to boost other writers’ […]


All Things Huge And Hideous

March 11, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

I am incredibly happy to be able to make this announcement: ALL THINGS HUGE AND HIDEOUS, the novel-length expansion to DOCTOR TO DRAGONS will be published by Superversive Press later this year. This is the first […]


The Awful Choices

March 4, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

This one’s going to be fast, because I’m running out of time, but it’s one I hope is useful to other writers. Recently I was reworking a story because of length issues. Amazingly, it was […]