I Cast Missile Magicis

May 25, 2018 Scott Huggins 0

It occurred to me today that so much  would be explained if Dungeons and Dragons was actually supplying the Potterverse with its stuff. I just picture some Harry Potter wizards accidentally Apparating into a D&D plane […]


Story Sale: Iron Out Of Vulcan

May 23, 2018 Scott Huggins 0

I am pleased to announce that my short story, “Iron Out Of Vulcan” has been picked up by the anthology Battling In All Her Finery, and would direct interested folks to its Kickstarter site. “Iron Out […]


Luke Skywalker, Rookie Cop

May 9, 2018 Scott Huggins 0

Have you ever imagined what Star Wars would be like if it were remade as a gritty cop drama? Like, in the real world, where the closest analogue to the way we see Jedi behave is, well, […]