The City of Brass and Judgement in Moscow

May 14, 2019 Ben Zwycky 0

I recently reappeared on Zaklog the Great’s Book Club, to discuss Rudyard Kipling’s prophetic poem about the horrors of socialism, “The City of Brass”, which was written decades before the Soviet revolution in Russia and […]


Movie Review: Silenced

December 16, 2017 Marina 0

Readers who follow my personal blog and have read any of my posts on the culture war and censorship already know that I consider free speech one of the most important issues of our time. Aside […]


Big Problems Within Pro Sci-Fi Markets

October 31, 2017 jdelarroz 0

Jon Del Arroz interviews Kat Rocha, formerly of the Escape Artist Podcasts, about deep problems within their editorial structure. This isn’t limited to just this single professional market, but is an example of how the […]


Mad Dog Moon: MAGA 2020

October 30, 2017 Declan Finn 0

I wrote two stories for MAGA 2020, and one will be coming soon, via my newsletter. But the one that will be appearing in the anthology, out on November 8th, is “Mad Dog Moon.” If […]


Alt-Hero Launches!

September 29, 2017 Bradford Walker 0

As noted on the blog of the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, the Castalia House comics project known as “Alt-Hero” launched its funding round at Freestartr today. Vox talks about this in the Darkstream tonight. […]


Why do lady SF writers suck?

September 16, 2017 sciphi 2

Before you seek to lynch me, let me clarify the title slightly. Not all female SF writers are bad and I work with a number of very talented ones. What I am wondering is, why […]