Richard Paolinelli

Anthology Man Rides Again!

March 17, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

Not too long ago I told you that I’d taken to calling myself, Anthology Man. Because I spent most of last year writing a dozen short stories to be submitted to various anthologies. The first […]

Richard Paolinelli


March 6, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

Silver Empire released a new anthology, Secret Stairs: A Tribute To Urban Legend, and it contains thirty-four amazing stories around this urban legend: You mustn’t talk about the stairs. There they stand, surrounded by nothing […]

Richard Paolinelli

Look Out Atlanta!!!

March 4, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

I just got a great e-mail this morning from the folks at DragonCon. I will be attending DragonCon 2018 as an “Attending Pro”!!!!   This will be my first visit to this Con and I […]

Richard Paolinelli

Reader Question Time

February 4, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

I’ve been asked what music do I listen to when I’m writing? Any one of three Himekami albums – Moonwater, Snowgoddess and Journey to Zipangu – some amazing Japanese new age music I discovered back […]

Richard Paolinelli

Just To Clarify

January 31, 2018 Richard Paolinelli 0

There appears to be something of a misunderstanding out there – and by misunderstanding, I actually mean a deliberate misrepresentation by people who are losing their collective minds over what this Guild means for their […]