Castalia House

Superversive vs. PulpRev

August 1, 2017 Brian Niemeier 2

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a few of my readers for dinner and lively conversation. We talked for hours on a wide range of subjects, which as you’d expect of SFF […]

Castalia House

Corroding Empire: Amazon’s Civil War

March 22, 2017 Brian Niemeier 4

The controversy over The Corroding Empire just gets stranger and stranger. Amazon KDP has given Castalia House’s new science fiction parody more green and red lights than a drag racing track. First it was thought that […]

Castalia House

Strong Female Characters in the Castle in the Sky

March 7, 2017 Anthony M 2

This is a companion post both to my “Castle in the Sky” retrospective (consider that my official “Castle in the Sky” addition to the full Miyazaki retrospective) and colleague Marina Fontaine’s excellent article on strong female […]

Castalia House

A (Brief) Defense of Asimov

February 22, 2017 Anthony M 3

I’ve noticed that down at the Castalia blog Asimov has been taking a heavy beating lately. REALLY heavy. The comments section crew has been merciless. And I do get it. Asimov is best described as […]