Dawn Witzke

Watching TV again

March 20, 2019 Dawn Witzke 0

I’m not much for watching television or movies, mainly because I have a mountain of a to-do list. But, about once a week, I take off time to park my backside on the couch and […]

Dawn Witzke

Back In Operation

February 5, 2019 Dawn Witzke 0

Of all the rooms in the entire house, the outlet that doesn’t work is the one I need for my computer. Figures. With a bit of investigative work and my son’s help in replacing the […]

Dawn Witzke

An Office in the Making

January 25, 2019 Dawn Witzke 0

In a couple short weeks, I’ll be moving into my new house where I will have a real live office rather than a corner of a tiny living room. I finished repainting it a lovely […]

Dawn Witzke

I’m So Excited!

January 22, 2019 Dawn Witzke 0

If you’re a fan of Urban Fantasy, you should be too. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/silverempire/the-keepers-of-new-haven?ref=6r0fh6 Bokerah Brumley has a kickstarter up for her new series being published by Silver Empire Press. The series has angels and faeries and […]

Dawn Witzke

83 Writing Projects…

January 7, 2019 Dawn Witzke 0

~ Sing to the tune of 99 Bottles of Beer ~ on my to-do list, 83 Writing Projects, edit one down, publish now, 82 Writing Projects on my to-do list… Okay, that’s really bad and […]

Dawn Witzke

Actions have consequences

December 27, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

I’m almost finished polishing the 1st Chapter of Courage of Martyrs. Yeah, yeah, I know. It took me long enough. I’ve been busy moving a law office and prepping to move myself. If you’re part […]

Dawn Witzke

End of Year Wrap-up

December 14, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

2018 has been wild. It started out with a bang. In January, February and March, I had short stories published in the first three Planetary Anthologies out from Superversive Press. In January, I also got […]

Dawn Witzke

Just Keep Going

November 5, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

Today is day 5 of Nanowrimo. I’m not doing it officially this year, but I’m still using the time to focus on writing. I’m at 3K words or so (I think.) Whether I get 10K […]