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Silent Night

December 22, 2017 Ben Zwycky 0

A while back I got another use out of my Evil McPersuadey Mind-Control Ray and Ear Cleaner (Patent Pending) to convince my parents to make a large contribution towards upgrading my recording equipment for my […]

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Why I Love this Shot

December 16, 2017 Anthony M 1

A moment out of your busy schedules to talk briefly about this: This is the final shot of the Miyazaki film “Howl’s Moving Castle”, and I can’t tell you enough about what a great shot […]

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Students of the Roanoke Academy

November 22, 2017 Ben Zwycky 0

The long-awaited main book trailer for the fourth book in L.Jagi Lamplighter’s excellent Books of Unexpected Enlightenment series is now unveiled. Please enjoy and share around as much as possible. [youtube] When otherworldly forces […]

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There’s no Force upon the Earth

September 8, 2017 Ben Zwycky 2

It’s my wedding anniversary today, here is this year’s poem/song. This one was a bit of a rush job to produce after coming back from DragonCon, so is a little less polished than I would […]