Iron Lensman

June 24, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

Every now and then I have the impulse to do a little literary criticism, although I can usually control it with prescription medication. But the other day I was watching Iron Man II (I really watched […]


The Mirror In The Man

June 21, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

Tolstoy opened up Anna Karenina with the observation that happy families are all alike; that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. But he got it exactly backwards. Only happy families are glorious in […]


The Query I Learned To Write

May 3, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

It occurred to me that it might be helpful to provide this query to the general writing public. Last month, I won Runner-Up honors at #RevPit, a contest in which 15 editors each review 100 […]


Critiques And Stories!

May 1, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

I don’t want to make this blog into a marketing machine, but I haven’t written about my Patreon account for about a year, and I just made some changes to it, so today I’m going […]


When Matter Does Not Matter

April 30, 2019 Scott Huggins 0

I very much like the comic strip Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, but I have a problem with the following comic, and I think it’s important enough to talk about: It’s a cute comic, and I’ve […]