2 Timothy

Final Words From a Friend: Paul

September 8, 2019 Frank Luke 0

When a famous or beloved person dies, everyone hangs on their last words. Those words show the accumulated wisdom of a person, the last lesson they want to pass on. The words may be few […]


Matthew and the Cost of Discipleship

May 8, 2019 Frank Luke 0

Sermon Introduction In Christian history, many believers have given their lives to follow Jesus. The first to be martyred was James in Acts. Shortly after, Stephen was killed for his faith. Persecution has been a […]

Assemblies of God

Sabellians in The Midst

March 21, 2019 Frank Luke 0

The old adage says those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. However, those who do learn from history are drug along while those who did not learn repeat it. At […]


2018 in Review

January 3, 2019 Frank Luke 0

2018 was an amazing year from the view of productivity. In May, I was ordained by the Iowa District of the Assemblies of God. That was the end of one journey and the beginning of […]

Assemblies of God

Isaiah’s Invitation to Salvation

December 9, 2018 Frank Luke 0

Need Being Addressed: All people need salvation, but only God provides true salvation. Text: Isaiah 55:1-13 Scripture Introduction When you think of Hebrew poets, you often think of King David. Surely, the Sweet Singer of […]


Why No Bones

October 20, 2018 Frank Luke 0

My wife and I enjoy watching police procedural together. Since becoming members of Prime, we’ve watched the entire runs of MONK and PSYCH, both of which were running the only time in our marriage that […]

Behind the Story

Interviewed by G D Talbot

October 13, 2018 Frank Luke 0

I was recently interviewed by G. D. Talbot about my writing in the past, present, and future. Have you or will you be willing to collaborate with other authors in the future? Even though I […]