A Mars story

October 30, 2017 EJSHUMAK 0

Here’s a short piece occurring on the way to Mars. It seems even more appropriate than when it was published, several years ago. Mars Ride Along EJ Shumak I wake and have no idea where […]


AI danger is our own

November 2, 2016 EJSHUMAK 0

Stephen Hawking says most of our history is “the history of stupidity” And we’re about to make another big mistake. A very interesting article on science alert by FIONA MACDONALD


Machine Masters police

October 25, 2016 EJSHUMAK 0

A new anthology is nearly completed. It will be published by either superversive press or SPJ. It includes many fantastic short stories including one by yours truly // Me. Titled AUTOAMERICA. The anthology looks that […]


Machine Masters Short films

September 15, 2016 EJSHUMAK 0

Two interesting short films free on the You-Tube. One political. One active.


Our SF world catching up with us.

August 27, 2016 EJSHUMAK 6

I usually don’t post writing pieces. However, this impacts all of us. And it is related to our Machine Masters. We have all read about the manner in which the SF of the past has […]


Machine Masters can be controlled

July 27, 2016 EJSHUMAK 0

Humans can now use mind control to direct swarms of robots Researchers at Arizona State University have created a brain-to-machine interface that humans can use to mentally control several robots at once. Credit ZD Net […]


Machine Masters provide all

July 20, 2016 EJSHUMAK 1

Companionship — Sex — dare I suggest Love? Can a robot mend a lonely heart? “Aiko Chihira” takes over as Receptionist of Tokyo department store The “Her” operating system AI from Spike Jonze’s movie. Conceptual […]