Dawn Witzke

Everything Is Changing

July 18, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

I’m still trying to play catch up since getting back from Liberty Con. My schedule has bottomed out with the dying of the car once again. I have nearly two hours everyday during the week […]

Dawn Witzke

O Comic Con Appearance

July 16, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

On Saturday, I was on a panel with Richard Paolinelli entitled Criticism, Culture and the Future of Entertainment at Omaha Comic Con in Council Bluffs, IA. Here’s the description: It’s hard to miss the attacks on […]

Dawn Witzke

I Am Back To Work…Sigh

July 12, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

The wedding went great. I’m officially Mrs. Grimes, but I’m keeping Witzke for all of my writing because it’s too much of a pain to change it. …the traveling on the other hand didn’t go […]

Dawn Witzke

Deus Vult! Maybe after a nap.

May 1, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

Before I get into my post, I’d like to announce that two books with covers I designed are up for pre-order on Amazon. The first is from Superversive Press: To Be Men: Stories Celebrating Masculinity. […]

Dawn Witzke

Something Old, Something New

April 24, 2018 Dawn Witzke 0

…something borrowed may be copyright infringement. I know, it doesn’t go that way, but it seems fitting for a writer’s blog. No, this post isn’t about copyright infringement. It’s about something far more exciting. Something […]

Superversive Press

Planetary: Earth Lineup

April 23, 2018 Dawn Witzke 3

Earth Day was yesterday and I missed it. But, I’m not sorry because I am finalizing a great anthology that celebrates the adventurous and bizarre planet we live on. It isn’t quite ready yet, but […]