Architect of Aeons. A Review

May 10, 2015 David Hallquist 2

Against vast worlds of intellect, what can mortal man do? This is the question that confronts Menelaus Montrose (the Judge of Ages) and Ximen Del Azarchel (The Master of the World). These ageless, brilliant men […]



April 24, 2015 David Hallquist 0

Justice. What is it? There seems to be a lot of controversy over the subject these days. Normally, the idea seemed simple: it was a form of legal and moral retribution for a wrong done […]


One Bright Star: A Review

April 17, 2015 David Hallquist 0

Can you go back again? The warm spring dawn and summer days of childhood leave us behind, leaving memories of the fantastic and wondrous. In their wake the coming chill of autumn adulthood the world […]

Art & Music

Can art be mad?

April 16, 2015 David Hallquist 0

Dr. Leonard Peikoff has an interesting lecture where he compares the most abstract of modern art and schizophrenia:   What do you think?


Who we lost today

February 28, 2015 David Hallquist 0

Today, we lost a true artist. Leonard Nimoy, in his portrayal of Spock, did break a new frontier. We have seen actors in roles as aliens, of course. In such cases they were either sinister […]


Through the Lens

February 21, 2015 David Hallquist 0

Different views and concepts of reality. This has always been a beloved subject for me and why I love sci-fi and philosophy. How does an alien or robot think? What happens to our perceptions when […]


A Titanic Sub

February 19, 2015 David Hallquist 0

A robot submersible may swim the methane depths of Titan’s sea. It would be a titanic achievement, indeed.


Politics in Stories?

February 4, 2015 David Hallquist 0

A lot has come up over the nature of politics in sci-fi and fantasy. One one hand it is somewhat inevitable, authors have views that inform their concept of the world, and that is going […]


On Frontiers

January 1, 2015 David Hallquist 0

Frontiers Are all space-voyages about frontiers? Are there still frontiers on earth? A common theme in science-fiction is the generation colony ship. The idea is that the vessel would take centuries to arrive at its […]


Peace on Earth

December 25, 2014 David Hallquist 0

Peace on Earth The parade had marched though the city most of the day. The victory parade was not the arrogant stamp of conquerors, it was not a triumphal procession laden with captured goods, nor […]