Practical to a Fault, Reprise

March 21, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

As a follow up to Monday’s post on the arts, and in light of KameCon folding on Vic Mignogna, here’s a guest post from the vaults by author Rawle Nyanzi about the Conservative tendency to […]


Yes, Fire Your Agent

March 20, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

For any authors who didn’t think I was serious last time, a reader provides another case study in why you need to fire your literary agent. Or better yet, never hire one in the first […]


A Digital Tammany Hall

March 19, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Having been subjected to Twitter’s shadow bans myself, I was gladdened to hear of Devin Nunes’ $250 million lawsuit against what his attorney calls a, “Modern day Tammany Hall.” California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes filed […]


Ars Longa

March 18, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Hang out around science fiction authors long enough, and you get the sense that they’re all crazy. John Scalzi claims that Donald Trump and the weather conspired to give him writer’s block. Patrick Rothfuss and […]


The First One’s Free

March 15, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

The phrase “taking the red pill” has become a bit of a cliche in dissident circles. It’s so shopworn that pointing out it’s a cliche is becoming cliche. That’s not to say the metaphor is […]


Combat Frame Data: XCD-103

March 14, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

XCD-103 Eisenpferd     Technical Data Model number: XCD-103 Code name: Eisenpferd Nickname: Iron Horse Classification: heavy assault combat frame Manufacturer: Browning Engineering Corporation Operator: HALO First deployment: CY 40 Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest Height: 19 meters Weight: dry weight 105 metric […]


Put Down the Ayn Rand

March 13, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Wherein author Alex Hellene speaks authoritatively on a subject that weighs heavily on my mind, as well: busting the Big Tech trusts. Get over your knee-jerk “Muh private businesses!” conditioning and realize these tech giants […]


The Long Shadow

March 12, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Lately I’ve been going back and watching movies from the 80s with an eye to overlooked gems that I’d somehow managed to miss all these years. A lot of Gen X and Gen Y folks […]


Fear the Future

March 11, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Recently I was honored to appear on the 100th episode of the JimFear138 podcast. Listeners are always in for a good time when Jim and I get together, and this time may have been the […]



March 8, 2019 Brian Niemeier 0

Hollywood atheists spent the 70s, 80s, and 90s preaching a counter-gospel through movies and TV shows that went like this: “Religion has been holding humanity back. We’ll usher in a bright, sexy utopia of pure […]