Superversive Literary Movement

That Insular Community

March 13, 2018 Anthony M 0

Apparently Groffingate is a thing now. Well, I don’t really care about that, nor do I suspect this is near big enough to be any sort of “gate” – no friendships are being lost due […]


Interesting Videos

February 25, 2018 Anthony M 0

No that my love of “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” has been firmly established, a couple of analysis videos. First, this video comparing the original “Fullmetal Alchemist” anime to “Brotherhood”: I agree with all of this, more […]


CASTALIA: Four Anime Reviews

February 21, 2018 Anthony M 0

First posted here. Given that I have now reviewed over a dozen movies from Studio Ghibli I figure it would be worth my time for me to put out my official reviews of the four […]


Enchanted Parody and Frozen Subversion

February 15, 2018 Anthony M 0

This article is a guest post by Mariel Marchetta, co-author and editor of “God, Robot” and “Tales of the Once and Future King”. Parody and subversion often overlap with each other. However, a parody does […]