Jon Del Arroz on Political Correctness Killing Marvel Comics

April 12, 2017 GoldenEye 0

A friend of the blog Jon Del Arroz has written an article for The Federalist explaining why forced diversity and political correctness are killing Marvel Comics. Check it out!


A Reader’s Manifesto, by B.R Myers

March 27, 2017 GoldenEye 1

Have you ever thought the quality of American prose has declined since about 1960? Do you think American literary fiction has taken an especially large hit? Don’t worry, says B.R Myers, your eyes don’t deceive […]


Historical Economics of Comics

March 14, 2017 GoldenEye 0

An interesting article discussing, among other things, why comic books were perceived as childish and  why comic book publishing never had quite the level of talent that the newspaper comics had; it involves Superman and […]