About Superversive

Superverisve SF is a website devoted to speculative fiction of the Superversive Literary Movement.

Many people ask us about the definition of Superversive:

Superversive: As a subversive work strives to bring about change by undermining from below, a superversive work strives to bring about change by inspiring from above.

The Superversive Literary Movement is devoted to fiction that shines a light into the darkness. It was started in 2014, inspired in part by Mr. Superversive himself, essayist extraordinaire, Tom Simon. The first Superversive Blog launched in September of 2014 with an opening essay by Mr. Simon himself. Others soon joined in, and that fall, publisher Jason Rennie started Superversive SF, the first blog entirely devoted to the budding movement.

For more on those involved in Superversive SF, please see Our Contributors.

Mr. Tom Simon’s original essay, along with articles by L. Jagi Lamplighter, A.M. Freeman, Pierce Oka and others, helped define the the Supervesive Literary Movement. Highlights are listed below. (Unless author is noted, the articles are by L. Jagi Lamplighter):

The Art of Courage: the essay that began it
by Tom Simon

The Goal of the Superversive: What Superversive is all about.

Holy Godzilla of the Apocalypse:  How to identify a Superversive story.

Your Book of Gold: Your book may be the one that most touches the heart of a reader
by John. C. Wright.

A Light in the Darkness: Beautiful article on the nature of stories
by teen author A. M. Freeman.

Sword and Flower and Subversive Catagories: an article on what is and is not Superversive
by Anthony Marchetta

Magic: The Superverting article on the Superversive qualities of Magic: The Gathering
by Pierce Oka.

The Needs of Culture vs. The Needs of Drama: Drama battles culture in the purpose of the story.

Why “Realism” Isn’t: article on why realism is not what is real.