Signal Boost — Surviving the Fall

Surviving the Fall

If the world fell—how would you survive?

When the world fell, other creatures—beside the omnipresent zombies that plague the land—rose to preeminence. From the days of old, vampires and werewolves re-emerged, not to harvest humankind, but to save them.

As always, though, man is its own worst enemy, and in a time where anything goes, the strongest have taken power, and their motives aren’t the purest.

Through this landscape of horror and zombies, one person, Sam Wallace, shepherds her tiny band of humans, navigating between the evil warlord Rapier, his army of psychics, and the ever-present zombies, looking for a place where they will be safe. She’s able to stop running, though, when she meets Fade.

With the help of the runaway psychic, she now has the ability to take the war to Rapier, and just maybe create a place where humankind can live free again. With the help of the vampires, werewolves, and Fade, she launches an attack on Rapier in his previously unassailable fortress town.

The forces are evenly balanced, but Sam knows this is their one chance to take Rapier out. If they don’t do it now, they will never get the chance again, and gone will be all hope…of surviving the fall.

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