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If you’re a frequent visitor to Superversive SF, you may notice that things look a little different. Fear not! ‘Tis a mild relaunch, nothing more. In addition to our new look, you can expect a more regular update cycle, more content, and the return of our classic articles. We’re excited to have you along as we move forward with the new SuperversiveSF.com.

If you’re new to Superversive SF, let me be the first to welcome you aboard. The Superversive movement is built on the idea that the world is ultimately full of hope and wonder, and that the nihilism and emptiness of so much of modern life is, at best, an aberration. This isn’t to say that everything we love (or write!) will be happy and cheerful, but rather that we see the world through a lens that offers more than just despair. We see hope and wonder as truth even in the darkest times. (More on hope as truth here.) We do not reject the past science fiction, fantasy, and even horror, but rather embrace our roots in all their variety. This is a place where hot-headed heroes with laser swords can rub shoulders with their more even tempered colleagues with screwdrivers; where the “gosh-wow” of fleets burning on off the shoulder of Orion can exist side by side the quiet majesty of vastness of space. Where story is primary and the message is hope.

Welcome to the Superversive.

About Joshua Young 45 Articles
Joshua M. Young lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, son, and two more feral cats than the optimal number of feral cats. (That is, zero.) He holds a Master of Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary, and yes, he's quite aware that writing this kind of stuff isn't exactly what you'd expect from a trained theologian. A life long lover of science fiction and fantasy, one of his earliest memories involves some confusion with a Klingon Bird of Prey and an X-Wing in the middle of a theater showing The Search for Spock, and, once upon a time, he could select the desired Robotech novel from his bookshelf, in the dark, by the feel of its spine. (Don't ask why that was a necessary skill. He couldn't tell you.) He has been published in numerous anthologies, including Planetary: Mercury, Planetary: Venus, and Tales of the Once and Future King.

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