If you loved The Last Jedi, move along. These aren’t the pages you’re looking for. But if you felt that you’ve seen dumpster fires you’d rather watch, this book is for you!


Note the Kylo-porg and the porg roasting a marshmallow by lightsaber heat!

Dragon Award-winning author, John C. Wright’s epic takedown of The Last Jedi, now in book form.

Once, in a theater long ago and far, far away, young audiences thrilled to the nostalgic space epic of yesteryear, known then only as STAR WARS, and were duly enthralled. So much goodwill, so much affection, so much love has rarely been lavished on any franchise. So much money from so many eager fans was never so readily available. And yet, with one potent Deathstar-like blast of mind-breakingly awful film making, the Disney Corporation has managed to alienate that goodwill, spurn that affection, and lose that money.

Why? What makes THE LAST JEDI so appallingly bad?

What made the film maker think he could win over his audience by insulting his audience?

Science Fiction Grandmaster John C Wright laments, analyzes, and autopsies the horrific story-telling of a film that, for so many of us, was the last hope for STAR WARS, the last dime we will ever spend on this once-beloved franchise, and the last straw that broke our patience.

See The Last Straw on Amazon   (Coming soon on audio.)


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  1. FWIW, apparently the people behind The Rise of Skywalker understand SOMETHING went wrong. Most of what Rian Johnson did got retconed out of existence in the new movie. Funny how losing money (on Solo) can wake some folks up.

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