Weekend Link Roundup

You’ll have to excuse this week’s roundup’s meager offerings; I’m just returning from a trip out of town. Normal operations will resume shortly!


  • Sirius Science Fiction is a blog posting short stories in the “neo-classical science fiction tradition.” Edited by Superversive collaborator Lou Antonelli, Sirius will be running a story a week. This week’s “The Drifter and Cronkite” follows a young Walter Cronkite’s encounter with a crazy (?) hobo.


  • The Reality of the Human Soul” by Caroline Furlong has some interesting discussions about things like clones and AI in science fiction. I’m not sure I buy that the fiction proves the existence of the soul, but it Caroline’s essay illustrates some great points about why the prequel version of Star Wars‘ Clone Wars kind of falls flat. (And other similar examples.)
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Joshua M. Young lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, son, and two more feral cats than the optimal number of feral cats. (That is, zero.) He holds a Master of Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary, and yes, he's quite aware that writing this kind of stuff isn't exactly what you'd expect from a trained theologian. A life long lover of science fiction and fantasy, one of his earliest memories involves some confusion with a Klingon Bird of Prey and an X-Wing in the middle of a theater showing The Search for Spock, and, once upon a time, he could select the desired Robotech novel from his bookshelf, in the dark, by the feel of its spine. (Don't ask why that was a necessary skill. He couldn't tell you.) He has been published in numerous anthologies, including Planetary: Mercury, Planetary: Venus, and Tales of the Once and Future King.

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