Signal Boost: Star Warden

For he is the Star Warden none shall find him wanting in the face of evil.

Once upon a time, in a world far far away. Darkness reigns and innocents suffer. One knight dares to challenge the forces of evil. That knight is Sir Samuel Bailey, The Star Warden. Armed with the holy sword Dawnbringer, ray gun, rocket pack, and a heart of a hero. He journeys the world with Princess Kaguya on his quest to end the tyranny of the Dark Lord Daimos and restore all that is good and right.

Daimos will stop at nothing to keep his iron grip on the planet. In his latest effort to crush resistance, he conjures a Curse of Eternal Night against a knightly order. During the Star Warden’s quest to end this curse he encounters dangerous monsters and malicious machines but can he overcome the greatest enemy of all? His own fear.

This is a straightforward tale of high adventure, action, and romance with the spirit of a Saturday Morning Cartoon show. Come and enter a fantastical world of heroism, true love, faith, in a war of good vs evil.

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