Signal Boost: Ascendant Ascending!

The long-promised IndieGoGo campaign for Ascendant: Star-Spangled Squadron has begun. Visit our crowdfunding page now to pledge for your rewards. Act now to secure your Early Bird pledge!

Here is their press release:
The graphic novel features interior art by Mel Joy San Juan colored by Jay David Ramos and Rohvel Yumul. There are three full-color covers available, by Will Conrad, Jinky Coronado, Mel Joy San Juan, and one photo cosplay cover featuring model Elisa Albrich as Stiletto. IndieGoGo backers can also select an exclusive foil cover or sketch cover option.

To bring the universe to life, our art team fused the iconic heroism of the Silver Age with the heavy metal art of the Iron Age to create a unique aesthetic I call “Iridium Age.” It’s heroic, it’s philosophical, it’s sexy, it’s violent. Imagine if Christopher Reeves’ Superman and Pamela Anderson’s Barb Wire teamed up to fight Nietzsche. It’s that.

The campaign will last for 30 days. The Early-Bird Special allows backers to pledge to receive all four variant covers for just $85. Other pledge options include a digital comic for $10, a set of trading cards for $20, and an Ultimate Gamer Bundle that includes all of the material for the graphic novel and the accompanying role-playing game. Special comic book and distributor pledges are also available.

Did you miss your chance to get a stitch-bound hardcover of the Ascendant RPG last year?

The second printing is available as an Add-On to any pledge of $20 or more for the graphic novel. Not only is the hardcover RPG the most beautiful book we’ve ever made, it’s got all of the corrections, errata, and updates discovered since the first printing!

But that’s not the only Add-On. An amazing array of rewards are planned, making this our most spectacular crowdfunding campaign ever. Check out the goodies!

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