White Ops by Declan Finn

If Baen had done Babylon 5 or Deep Space 9.
To begin with, there’s a vast interstellar war. That’s just the opening. The problem is that the invading empire in this war have gotten their toys from … elsewhere. And if the benefactors are handing out weapons, are they really handing out the best technology, or mere toys? If we assume the latter, then everyone is in trouble.
One man sees it coming: Sean Patrick Ryan. Originally, he’s a fixer for fun and profit. When the war starts, it’s just for fun.
Books two and three are here: https://books2read.com/WO2 &  https://books2read.com/WO3
An Upstream Review that will go live at 9am Wednesday morning: https://upstreamreviews.com/?p=2539

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