Signal Boost: Jungle Jitters

The dream of a mad scientist has evolved into a nightmare!

Jennifer will do anything to be famous. She thinks she’s gotten her big break after a night at the club lands her in bed with a producer, and the next morning he offers her a jungle adventure show.

But instead, she and her two friends are unwittingly trafficked to the Congo for a sinister purpose. A cult lives in the jungle that worships the dark legacy of Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov as they work to accomplish his insane life’s goal.

Will Jennifer escape the jungle compound, or will she fulfill their twisted vision of humanity’s future and become a broodmare to make an inhuman monster?

If you love jungle adventure and horror, don’t miss this action-packed read.

Warning: Jungle Jitters contains nudity, sex, violence, and graphic descriptions of humpo chimpo.


The author writes:

Dear readers,

I am excited to announce Jungle Jitters is live! I have spent all year writing this novel, and the wait was well worth it. This is my best book. It has the funniest humor, most exciting adventure, and most terrifying horror of anything I have written. You can get it at AmazonApple BooksBarnes & NobleGodlessGoogle PlayScribd, and Smashwords.

If you are international, use the universal book link to get to your own country’s store.

Jungle Jitters is also available in paperback.

I hope you enjoy reading Jungle Jitters as much as I did writing it.

Thanks for reading!


J. Manfred Weichsel

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