The Great Bookshelf Hunt Two! — Best of 2021–so far!

This is a continuation of our The Great Bookshelf Hunt! — Best of 2020 post.

Put your favorite books published in 2021 here!



Galen’s Way by Richard Paolinelli — 3
Forced Perspectives by Tim Powers — 3
Penance by Paula Richey — 2
Forgotten Ruin
by Jason Ashpach and Nick Cole
Vigilante’s Light by Jake Tyson
Woe is Us by D.K. Duolos


Anthologies and Collections:

Bast’s Chosen Ones: & Other Cat Adventures by Dana Bell
Whitstead Christmastide: A Speculative Anthology


2 Comments on The Great Bookshelf Hunt Two! — Best of 2021–so far!

  1. Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower by Moe Lane

    Also the English edition of Witch Hat Atelier, Vol. 7 by Kamome Shirahama

  2. My pitch for best graphic novel is The Lovely People by Minna Sundberg.

    With all due respect to Silver Empire, Arkhaven, and the manga creators we love, this is both one of the best-drawn and *the most superversive* of comic book stories written. Possibly ever, and I write as a TenNapel fan.

    It has been released in both book and (free to read) web formats here:

    N.B. There are superversives who will be getting a copy for Christmas this year 🙂

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