Signal Boost: Death at Peony House

For 150 years…

…the case remains unsolved.

Will Daphne’s special powers help solve it?

Daphne loves being a journalist. Digging up the next big story drives her. Sometimes, the leads take her down a different path. When she finds the body at Peony House, the city’s abandoned hospital, she is onto more than just a big headline.

Writing isn’t her only talent.

Daphne has powers.

Things get complicated when Detective Hunter gets involved. They used to have a thing. She still loves him. When he tries to warn her away from the case, it puts her in a bind. Her editor wants the story for the Saturday edition, and she wants to get to the bottom of the boy’s murder.

There’s just one problem.

Hunter doesn’t know her secret.

With a dark past, a love she would like to rekindle, and an old murder that might tie to a current case, her life has just gotten complicated.

You’ll love this Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, because of the twists, turns, and surprises.

Get Death at Peony House now.

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