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The Art and Craft of Writing

For some years now, I have been teaching writing classes on the Art and Craft of Writing. This book is the culmination of the wisdom I have distilled from my own writing and editing career and from sharing these ideas with students of all ages and walks of life.

The lessons and insights captured in this book started as the Writing Tips I kept for myself, recording things that my husband and I learned about writing as we grew into the art and the craft of it.

In 2009, I took these tips and wrote articles about them for the Wright’s Writing Corner blog. From the blog, these articles grew into lessons that I was able to share with students, which many have found very helpful.

This includes The Trick--the first secret about writing that my husband and I discerned, which is in some ways the backbone of all writing; Breathing Life Into Characters, which draws on the work of earlier great writing teachers to distill a method that produces 3-D characters every time; to The Ultimate Secret–the number one thing I have shared with authors I edit down t through the years and why it works.

Check out The Art and Craft of Writing for this and much more!

Available on Kindle and in Paperback

Up your writing game!

Practical, hands-on fiction writing fundamentals. Delve into the secrets of writing fiction, presented in clear language to make them easily-graspable and useable.

Lamplighter brings her years of writing and editing experience to this new approach to understanding storytelling and how its many parts work together to weave a well-crafted and entertaining tale.  Insights into theme, character, description, plot, portraying emotions, avoiding infodumps, dealing with tropes, and more.

New hope for writers in despair.

“The course is a treasure trove of practical, positive advice you can use immediately to improve your WIP or solidify your ideas for a new project.” Marina Fontaine, author of Chasing Freedom.

“I took L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright’s “Guinea Pig” writing class in November of 2018 and it definitely upped my game. Since “graduating” her course, I’ve sold over 30 short stories and 2 novellas (as of February 2021). Thanks, Jagi.” —James Pyles, author of multiple published short stories.

“I especially liked how you simply laid out ideas about story and characters, which instantly made me go, ‘Oh, yeah! I’ve seen that before!’… I felt that these were techniques that would have taken me ages to work out on my own, and seeing them simply stated has seriously helped me as a writer.”—Billy Charlton, teen student.

Get The Art and Craft of Writing and up your writing game today!

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