Signal Boost: Witch of New Orleans, Book Three!

Magic has been jerked from fable to reality, bringing beings of myth and legend into life, as well as endowing many people with magical powers. But to the established political and monied élite, all these changes, all these people with powers once the province of storytellers, these are now a threat to the powers of the movers and shakers. And, they cannot allow such resistance, such abilities to exist outside of their control.

So, now, Sherry Martin, Rafe McMahan, and the others who look to her for leadership have to face the real threat, a threat that extends even to their very lives. That leaves one final question: do they stay where they are or do they have to stand in resistance to the governments, to those who wish to enslave them, to the threats to their very lives?

Get Separation–Witch of New Orleans, Book 3 today!

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