Poka-Dungeon: The Future of D&D!

So in D&D, you go into dungeons, fight monsters, and when you do this, you miraculously go up levels, improving at all your abilities.

But in current D&D, you don’t have to kill the monster, you only have to defeat it.

Which naturally leads one to think…

Wouldn’t it make sense, as a money-making venture, to go out and capture a bunch of monsters and put them in a place—let’s call it a gym—and then just charge people to come in and fight them?

Instead of staying in dangerous, smelly dungeons, people looking to go up levels could travel from gym to gym, fighting until the monsters pass out, and gaining EP.

It might really catch on. Go up in levels would become much easier. Want to level up before the really big challenges, try our gym!

But bigger monsters produce bigger challenges allowing visitors to the gym to go up in levels faster, so the monsters themselves will need to be trained.

But how best to do this?

What if we got kids to travel around with small monsters, taking them from gym to gym where they could train and improve by battling each other?

Gotta Roll ’em All!

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