Signal Boost: Last Lord of Eden is FREE through 1/15/2021

In honor of its cover, The Last Lord of Eden is FREE today and tomorrrow!

To save his planet, he’ll destroy his family.

To save him, she’ll do anything it takes!

The world of Eden is in crisis. Politicians throughout the galaxy demand the psychic-power producing drug that grows only on Eden. And the demand is skyrocketing.

Adopted son of Eden’s previous warlord, peace-loving Kell has inherited dominion over the planet and is determined to keep it free. When he discovers that the warlord’s brother and a powerful drug lord have teamed up to seize Eden’s golden harvest, Kell will stop at nothing to prevent them—even if it means he must become a death-wielding champion.

To protect her from this danger, Kell must distance himself from Zara, the woman he loves. But when his efforts are not enough to save his beloved planet, Zara will do anything to bridge that distance. Will she succeed in time?

Download The Last Lord of Eden today!

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