St. Tommy Rides Again!

It’s here.
Lt. Tommy Nolan has enjoyed a relatively quiet life for the past three years. His promotion has taken him away from the streets and away from the line of fire.
But when a training camp for terrorists threatens his city, he’s dragged back into the sulfur. Creatures of the damned are rising, and he’s the only man who can stop them.
Because the heir of Tommy’s ultimate enemy has returned, and he’s bringing with him all the forces of Hell
If you’ve read Coven, you know part of what’s coming. If you haven’t … you may want to get on that. Because that one was fun.
As for the book … heh heh heh. It answers several questions from the end of Coven. Including Tommy’s “new partner,” the fate of his last partner, and what comes next. This one includes a lot of new developments and mixing up the formula.
Reading reviews of Coven showed me that people really like Tommy to stay close to home. But the plot required him abroad. So I split the difference, and then I set up a way to keep Tommy at home from now on. Confused? You’ll figure it out when you read it.
One of the things about expanding the series beyond book #6 (which is where I originally planned to end it) is that it allowed me to show where everyone else was going to end up.
Tommy’s cast is a little expansive — though still nowhere near as broad as my other novels– and I wanted to find out where some of them ended up. It also gave me a chance to redeem some characters, and get some answers on whether or not others were redeemed in the end.
Also, it let me trash more property… especially Italy. Book #9 will be the last time I let Tommy leave New York City. Because I had revenge to attend to.

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